Let our local workers build the natural gas industry of the future – today.
Support local jobs for local workers.

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Why Should You Sign the Marcellus Principles?

The Marcellus Principles support jobs for local workers. You should support jobs for local workers by signing the Marcellus Principles because:

  • 20,000 skilled, drug-free local workers live in the Marcellus region and are ready to work

  • West Virginia loses millions of dollars when local construction workers are passed over on Marcellus Shale projects

  • $76.6 million wages are lost in a local economy with transient, rather than local, workers

  • $86.4 million wages are infused if local workers were to build a gas processing facility

  • 85% more economic output goes into the local economy when using local workers

  • Spending on lodging and meals replaces only a small portion of the economic loss

Info from: "Economic Impacts of Labor Supply in Construction of a Gas Processing Plant in Marshall County, West Virginia" published by Marshall University's Center for Business and Economic Research